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Knoxville goodness…

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We had a beautiful time in Knoxville last week! On Thursday morning we returned to one of our favorite spots; that Being WDVX’s Blue Plate Special and did a co-billing with Joan Osborne.


In case you missed this awesomeness from last Friday’s show at Relix Variety Theatre in Knoxville, Tennessee;

Here’s a audience shot video clip of the beautiful acrobatics of Anna Victoria Taylor set to our song ‘Waiting’.

This was an amazing show with HuDost, Hudson K, Biz’Cirque & The Wing Project.

Here are some great photos from the evening taken by Liz Metz.


Music City Roots videos from April 11th Nashville show

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HuDost had the honor of returning to Nashville’s Music City Roots on April 11th to celebrate Jim Lauderdale’s birthday! We returned this time with a 6 piece ensemble including Matthew Burgess on Percussion, Tim Denbo on bass, Melissa Hyman on cello and vocals & Joe Garcia on pedal-steel. We performed four songs and there was an ‘all-star jam’ at the end of the evening with everyone performing ‘Six Days on the Road’ (Moksha sings the 2nd verse). Here are a couple of video clips below:

Here’s our set opener ‘Erghen Deda’; a Bulgarian piece about gossip…..

And our set closer ‘Baboom!’…..lovin the pedal-steel!

And here’s the ‘All Star Jam’ of ‘Six Days on the Road’ with Jim Lauderdale, Chuck Mead, Walter Egan and more

And here are some beautiful photographs from the show


HuDost on Music City Roots- April 11th! Watch Online!

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Join us for Nashville’s Music City Roots with host Jim Lauderdale at the Loveless Cafe! HuDost will be in 6 piece ensemble line-up with Melissa Hyman on cello & vocals, Matthew Burgess on percussion, Tim Denbo on bass and Joe Garcia on pedal-steel. It all starts up at 7:00 PM Central time and HuDost goes on first!

You can either attend the live performance if you are in the fabulous Nashville area and PURCHASE TICKETS HERE

or watch the program online at:


Beautiful Tribute to Richard Sommer w Moksha & Anna Sommer singing Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey

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In Tribute to Richard Sommer 1934-2012 with tremendous love, admiration, and gratitude.
This is a cover of Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey, one of Richard’s favorite songs, sung by Moksha & Anna Sommer with guitar by Jemal Wade Hines and special guests Bobie & Mollie. Video was shot and edited by Simon Abou-Fadel and picture restoration done by Jonathan Sommer.

‘Left Side Right’ Video by David Duchow….saved from deep in the archives!

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Here’s a live cut of a song we don’t do anymore called ‘Left Side Right’ set to trippy visuals by David Duchow. Hearing it again, we realize we always wanted to actually wanted to truly arrange and produce this song but it sorta fell off the radar.

This version was recorded live in Santa Cruz and was only the 2nd time we ever performed it so the arrangement you hear is FRESH at the time! Perhaps we’ll revisit this for a future production…

It features Moksha on vocals and harmonium, JW on Guitars and Vocals, Dan Walters on bass, John de Kadt on percussion and Mixed by Oz Fritz.

‘No Feet to Stand’-First video from ‘Good Morning Quantum Police’ by E.J. Gold & the Dosts

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Here’s another David Duchow video of the song ‘No Feet to Stand’ from our recent side-project release E.J. Gold & the Dosts- Good Morning Quantum Police’. This entire album was improvised and this song in particular finds Moksha at her finest pulling words and melodies out of the air on the fly. This video also features the art of E.J. Gold. Hope you enjoy!